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From Hong Kong modern healthcare pioneer holographic health management, the fusion of Chinese Taoist Tantra heaven a health care concept, Rende health Butler, in China's first health Castle "
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  • 在这里,我愿意老去……

    National treasure - Zhuang Medical Health

    Zhuang medicine in pre Qin period begin embryonic bud, after the development of Han, Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties, roughly in the Tang and Song Dynasties has probably formed herbs orally, wash, fumigation, sticking, Pei drug, bone scraping, angle therapy, moxibustion, pick the needle, needle etc. 10 kinds of connotations of Zhuang medicine multi-level structure, and gradually with the theory of prototype.
  • 传统中医药浴

    The traditional Chinese medicine bath

    The bath has a unique effect on the body, since ancient times has been affected by the medical attention. According to records from the Zhou Dynasty, the popular sweet soup bath. The so-called sweet soup, is to use traditional Chinese medicine Perrin decoction. The great patriotic poet Qu Yuan in the "cloud" in the description: "Jun bath soup Ximu fanghua. From the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, bath as a effective method to cure the disease in traditional Chinese medicine of the respected.
  • 温泉SPA

    Hot springs SPA

    Advocate health care physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine medicated bath in the concept of health coincides with set treatment, health care, leisure, sports, physical and mental training, slow releasing pressure and beauty in one of the spa concept in China soon will become a fashion. Hot spring bath in addition to fatigue, illnesses and pain, enhance immunity, and has special effects.
  • 足疗


    Chinese medicine experts personally tailored foot bath prescription and foot reflexology, stimulate foot acupoint reflecting the pores of the body, and make the liquid through the plantar artery penetration into the skin, to prevent and cure
  • 穴位贴敷疗法

    point application therapy

    Is on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine as the theoretical basis, the drug research into fine end, modulation after acupoint application, the affected area for treatment of the disease in a noninvasive pain acupoint therapy (transdermal therapy). A acupoint application therapy is based on the theory of meridian of TCM,
  • 龙8娱乐app_龙8国际娱城网址_龙8娱乐登录环境展示

    He shows a healthy environment

    Physical therapy is a kind of treatment method which is used to prevent and treat injuries, such as physical body movement, massage, traction, mechanical equipment training, and other physical factors such as electric, light, sound, magnetic, cold and hot.
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